Synergistic Dog Training, LLC

A Holistic Approach to Creating the Balanced Dog

Indoor training facility

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Anybody who has questions or is interested in PRIVATE lessons, please contact me via email. COMPETITION SEASON is here so I can only commit to PRIVATE lessons at this time.

Minka with the happy attitude!

Sign up for Synergistic Sampler Platter:

  1. Obedience theory at work
  2. Agility equipment exposure
  3. Obstacle course exposure
  4. Introduction to K9 nosework
  5. Introduction to Tracking (IPO style)
  6. Puppy Engagement Exercises
  7. 6 weeks - $100.00

Check out the details of the Synergistic Platter class.

Contact me about the Sampler Platter class

Minka climbing a ladder

Sign up for the Bold and Balanced group class:

  1. Build K9 coordination and confidence.
  2. Create focus and rear-end awareness.
  3. Establish trust and better training communication.
  4. Learn to shape your dogs behavior.
  5. Puppies are encouraged to attend!
  6. 6 weeks - $100.00

Contact me about the Obstacle Course class

Minka happily heeling next to me

Sign up for the Obedience Training group class:

  1. Learn about different techniques for training.
  2. Free-shaping, shaping, luring, clicker training is covered.
  3. Focus, engagement and relationship building.
  4. Barrier training and good manners.
  5. Puppies are encouraged to attend!
  6. 6 weeks - $100.00

Contact me about the Spring Obedience class

Puppies on a porch

Sign up for the Puppy Socialization group class for puppies 9 to 19 weeks of age at the start of class

Where you will learn:

  1. What you can expect from your puppy.
  2. Age appropriate training.
  3. Focus, engagement and relationship building exercises.
  4. Stages of puppy behavior and what that means to you as a trainer.
  5. Please provide proof of vaccinations
  6. 6 weeks - class is 1 hour - $95.00

Contact me about the Spring Puppy Socialization class

Weaving for fun and coordination!

Minka running the weaves

Minka running the weaves some more