Synergistic Dog Training, LLC

A Holistic Approach to Creating the Balanced Dog

A Lifetime Spent with Animals, Training and Competition

The Past

After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in psychology, that included studying classical and operant conditioning, I enrolled in the Michigan State University Veterinarian Technician program and graduated at the top of my class. I went on to work for veterinarians, and also had a business as a dog groomer and a dog trainer dealing mainly with behavioral problems. After a while I ended up with a career that would span the next 13 years as a web developer/designer. During this time I have been involved in dog training using many different training techniques until I ran into marker / clicker training and how classical and operant conditioning has really evolved modern dog training.

The Present

Currently, I have a female German Shepherd Dog, Dominika z Diehlomov, that is titled to an IPO2, Agility, and AKC obedience. Minka has earned her IPO 2 and was High in Trial, AKC CD, and two legs to a Rally title (all first place) and all before the age of 3.5 years old. She is now retired due to a back issue.

AKC CD Leg 1 and 2 - First Place AKC CD Leg 3 - First Place

In the fall of 2013 I imported a male German Shepherd Dog puppy from a Czech Republic breeder Aritar Bastet. My puppy, Zarek Aritar Bastet, is being trained for IPO, agility and AKC events. Zarek is proving himself to be a quick learner with extreme confidence, balance and agility! Currently he is titled to an IPO2.

Zarek at 8.5 weeks_sml.png Zarek carrying a IPO3 dumbbell

Zarek Aritar Bastet 6 months old
Training Video - 14 months - Heel and Retrieve
Training Video - 2 years old - Heeling to music

In the fall of 2015 I imported a female German Shepherd Dog puppy from another great Czech Republic breeder Vodnanske doliny. This puppy, Pety z Vodnanske doliny along with my husband as the handler, is being trained for IPO, agility and AKC events. Currently she is titled to a BH.

Pety z Vodnanske at 1 year old

Why I Started This Business

Holistic Dog Training and the Balanced Dog -

It took me a while, brainstorming with a friend, to finally pull from my mind and soul what I picture as my goal for this business - the balanced dog through training the whole dog. So what does this mean? For a dog to truly reach its potential as your team member you need to build a training relationship by addressing all touchstones of balance: exercise, training, and having fun! I can show you how I do this and help you figure out what combinations of training, exercise and fun will work for BOTH you and your dog. Remember, it is best to start laying your foundation when you first get your puppy.

Experienced Competitor - Outdoors and Indoors

To be at the top of the competition game requires preparation, practice, and patience. It seems that Madison Wisconsin has many good dog trainers, however it is hard to find someone who is available, step-by-step, to help the competitor and their dog. Experience in competition is learning from our failures, and we all have them. Sometimes we know the problem with our dogs performance however replicating the situation often enough to work them through it can be difficult. For example, dogs needed to build up a history of positive, drive increasing experiences indoors and outdoors in order to perform well in both venues. Sometimes trainers don't have access to indoor training or maybe it's outdoor training areas that are hard to come by. Synergistic Dog Training, LLC has large outdoor training areas and a medium sized indoor training facility. In the future, a larger indoor building is planed.

Genetics are important to success

Training for competition starts with picking a puppy with the proper genetics for the sport, teaching the puppy how to learn and building a working relationship between you and the puppy, young dog, and adult. A strong foundation of puppy socialization and learning exercises will forever affect how your dog relates to you, their environment, and how easily they can learn moving forward.

Competitive Goals - something to work towards:

Schutzhund Dog Training

In 1991 I trained with 3 different Schutzhund Clubs in Wisconsin with 2 German Shepherd Dogs, that spanned 13 years. Schutzhund has 3 phases, tracking, obedience and protection. I took a hiatus from Schutzhund until 2010 when I bought a female German Shepherd Dog with a Czech working line pedigree and she is currently being trained in Schutzhund with the O.G. Edgerton Schutzhund Club. So far, I have titled Minka to the IPO2 title where we also won High in Trial, and she is just turned 3 years old in the summer of 2013.

IPO1 Obedience

iIPO1 Biteworkd


Agility with MinkaAKC Agility Training

I have been training in agility with my German Shepherd Dog, Minka, since she was a puppy. Starting agility or even obstacle course exposure imprints a confidence and body awareness that is essential to the development of a bold adult dog. This training was also important for my dog-friendly girl, Minka, because it taught her to pay attention to me instead of giving into her desire to meet and greet all the dogs hanging out on the sidelines. This focus helps us in any arena. We plan on competing in agility in the upcoming year.


Jamaica BayJunior Equestrian

From Junior High school through High school I was competitive in hunter-jumper and dressage competition. During my years of horseback riding I was involved in the Pony Club and on the team that won a regional competition, riding a mare that started out as a polo pony but trained by me for hunter-jumper and dressage. During my time at the riding stable, I was lucky enough to help the owner of the resident school horses with their exercise and training.

Archery, Schutzhund, Bodybuilding medalsCompetitive Archer

In 1988 I picked up archery and competed for 4 years in tournaments, in the bowhunter/fingers division, winning dozens of competitions and sometimes even beating the guys :) In 1991 I came in 4th place in the Badger State Games tournament, and won numerous meets around the state.


Jan Hunt (Wolf)Competitive Bodybuilder

Back in 1984 I joined a Gold's gym and started pumping iron with competitive bodybuilders. This set the stage for competition in 2004 where I won the regional Great Lakes championships in natural bodybuilding and my pro card. Two weeks later I won the Ms. Wisconsin.

Along the way to dropping weight for the competitions, I competed in running meets like the Sauk City Cow Chip Classic 10K :)


Shooting MetalUSPSA (United States Practical Pistol Association) Competitor

During the hiatus from dog training, I was an active member and competitor in practical pistol shooting tournaments as a member of a local pistol club that hosts state sanctioned matches.