Synergistic Dog Training, LLC

A Holistic Approach to Creating the Balanced Dog

Success is happy heeling!

Foundation to a Successful Dog/Handler Relationship:

  1. Mutual Trust built on a fair relationship.
  2. Understanding how a dog learns and how important play is to learning.
  3. Make time count with your dog through focus and relationship building exercises.
  4. Learn to communicate fairly and in a manner dogs understand.
  5. You and your dog are two parts of a whole relationship; you need each other. Good relationships are built; they usually don't occur by accident.

A Holistic Approach = the Balanced Dog!

You will hear trainers talking about countless techniques and tools like positive training, clicker training, compulsion, negative, positive, reinforcement, punishment, operant training, shaping, luring, NILF (nothing in life is free), prong collars, head halters, e-collars, harnesses . . .

What is often missing from these discussions is how a dog's behavior and life can be improved significantly when we move beyond traditional sit/stay dog training. This can be done by identifying and satisfying the dog's physical and mental requirements, adding in coordination and agility enhancement, as well as fulfilling breed and individual-specific innate drives. We take into consideration the whole dog and must use relationship building activities and training to achieve an outcome that is a confident, happy, successful K9-Human relationship/team. Note: we are balanced trainers meaning both reward and consequences are necessary. This does not mean that corrections always create pain, fear, and intimidation.

Many common K9 behavioral issues stem from a combination of circumstances: the dog's life is not balanced, owners don't understand how a dog learns compounded by the fact that the human/K9 communication styles are so different.

Assessment - What works best for YOU and your DOG

And just as every dog is a little different, every dog owner is different too - in physical and skill levels as well as likes and dislikes. Let's talk about how a dog learns, how to communicate with your dog, and figure out what combination of training techniques, K9 activities, and even competition will work best for you and your puppy / dog!

Minka - Drive Satisfaction
Puppy Has Innate Drives

The Synergistic philosophy is
simple yet successful

Relationship Building and Communication
Ideally starts in puppyhood

The key to a strong canine/human relationship is based in relationship building exercises and starting the learning process during puppyhood! My speciality is in making dog training fun while creating a clear, consistent communication style.

Drive Satisfaction - "Pleasing you pleases me"

We can effectively manipulate a dogs behavior by satisfying their inherent "drives", which is a high value reward to a dog. The key is teaching your dog that through working for you their drives will be satisfied. Starting this kind of training in a puppy will forever affect how your dog learns.

K9 Coordination and Confidence Building - K9 Cross Training

Besides the crucial puppy classes, I like to use obstacle course exercises and/or agility training to build coordination and confidence. I love outdoor hiking excursions that allow dogs and owners to exercise and relax.

Competition Preparation - Initial Training, Follow-thru, Finishing Work

I can help both you and your dogs competition preparation no matter what the arena - AKC obedience, rally, and agility, or a dog sport such as IPO and the phases of tracking and obedience.

Teamwork - Trust and Cooperation - Road to Success

Make your dog time count and remember this - you are never too uncoordinated, too old or too busy - with the proper tools you and your dog can become a happy, successful team!

Dog Training Tip of the Day

Timing in training dogs is everything! Dogs live for the moment so proper timing will help you cut through conflict and confusion.
 - Living in the Moment