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A Holistic Approach to Creating the Balanced Dog

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Dog Training Services & Activities

What is holding you back from reaching your dog training goals? Setup an appointment to see about a personal, integrated approach to a successful relationship with your dog.

If you do nothing else!

Get your pup off to a strong start through Puppy Foundation training. There is a window of opportunity where your puppy will benefit from training that teaches them how to learn and you will learn how to communicate in a manner that your dog will understand! The window eventually closes as the puppy ages so don't wait too long.

Group or individual dog training options offered:

Specializing in K9 Activities - Physical, Mental, and Social - The Balanced Dog

  • Puppy foundation classes! Extremely important foundation work to enhance the learning process and create good behavior.
  • Help your dog become bold and balanced through an obstacle type of course exposure.
  • Teach your dog to work away from you and prepare for agility training.
  • Outdoor nature excursions (individual or group), hiking, swimming, and snowshoeing.
  • Behavioral problems often resolve themselves as the dog becomes balanced.

Dog Competition Preparation for Indoor and Outdoor Venues:

  • AKC Rally
  • AKC Obedience - CD, Open, Utility
  • Obedience - IPO1, IPO2, IPO3
  • Tracking - IPO style
  • Nosework
  • Agility Basics
  • Synergistic Sampler Platter

Outdoor Nature Excursions - Individual or Group

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. - John Muir -

People and dogs who exercise look and feel better, however, exercising together does more than solo exercise because it helps build that all important canine / human relationship. While your dog is releasing pent up energy (that is the root of many behavioral issues) they are also satisfying a primitive drive to use their nose to investigate nature and thrive on the mental stimulation that the outdoor provides. Exercising and relaxing together as a team, in nature, is a vital ingredient to a balanced dog (and human).

Hike / Snowshoe my Sun Prairie Farm

Everyday there is the opportunity to hike / snowshoe my farm. This is a good way to find out if you like snowshoeing before you go out and buy them. Plus, we can assess your endurance level for off-site excursions. These hikes will help you prepare for the longer hikes listed below.

Snowshoe the Ice Age trailSnowshoe / Hike the Ice Age Trail

Contact me if you are interested in snowshoeing / hiking the Ice Age trail in Lodi. I provide transportation and will act as a guide. Let me know if you have snowshoes and your fitness level. Winter time hiking will require a good cardiovascular base.

Military Ridge trail bridgeSnowshoe / Hike the Military Ridge Bike Path

Contact me if you are interested in hiking the Military Ridge bike path in Blue Mounds year-round I will provide transportation and will act as a guide. For winter hikes, let me know if you have a snowshoes and your fitness level. A hike in the winter snow will require a fair cardiovascular base but good endurance.

3 dogs in natureDog Group Snowshoe / Hike

Contact me if you are interested in hiking various outdoor locations with your dog in Southern Wisconsin. Your dog must get along with other dogs and walk well on a leash. This hike will require a fair cardiovascular base and you must have complete control of your dog.

Synergistic Dog Training, LLC - Training Rates

Session Packages, Total Price, Price per Session
On-site - individual
Session Package Price per Package Price per Hour
1 $60.00 $60.00
5 $275.00 $55.00
On-site - 2 Person Group Rate
Hourly Package (good for 3 months) Price per Package Price per Person
1 $90.00 $45.00
5 $425.00 $42.50
On-site - Group Class Rate (max 6)
Hourly Package (good for 3 months) Price per Person  
6 weeks $100.00  
In-home Training Rate
Hourly Package (good for 3 months) Price per Package Price per Session
1 $95.00 $95.00
5 $450.00 $90.00

Hiking South Dakota Black Hills - George S. Mickelson Trail

Hiking in the Black Hills South Dakota

Questions? Feel free to ask - just Contact me.